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**** IMPORTANT*****
These directions are based on Windows XP. If you're using other versions of Windows, the steps may vary slightly.

XMing Installation

1. Download the Xming installation program from here:


     Hint: Scroll part way down the Xming page to the Releases section to find the Xming installer. The installer is the first one listed in the table.

2. Start the install and click next approximately 6 times. This will install XMing with the default options (recommended).

3. The last screen of the install looks like this:

The "Launch Xming" checkbox is checked by default and thus by clicking the "Finish" button, the XMing software will launch.

However, when you reboot your computer and need to use X windows applications again on Sooner, you'll need to start XMing manually, see step 4.

Forwarding Xwindows back to your PC

4. Start XMing

     Click the Start button, then All Programs -> XMing -> Xming.

     Note: You should see a "X" icon in the Windows System Tray near the clock.

5. Start the program Putty

    There is no install for Putty, so just double click on wherever you have saved the Putty program to.

6. Type in the "Host Name" field: myusername@sooner.oscer.ou.edu

     Note: substitue your real OSCER username with "myusername".

7. Click SSH then X11 in the tree portion of the window.

8. Check the box labeled "Enable X11 forwarding" and type "localhost:0" in the "X display location" field (see above).

9. Click the "Open" button.

10. After logging into Sooner, issue the command xclock. A small window with a clock should appear within 2-3 minutes.

If you have any problems with these directions, email support@oscer.ou.edu



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