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Acknowledging Use of OSCER Resources and/or Personnel in Publications

Click here for a list of publications that used OSCER resources and/or personnel.

  1. A publication that is based in whole or in part on work performed using OSCER resources, including but not limited to hardware, storage, networking, software and/or human resources, should incorporate the following text into the Acknowledgements section of the publication:

    [Some of] The computing for this project was performed at the OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research (OSCER) at the University of Oklahoma (OU).

  2. If any OSCER staff member(s) assisted with the work in any way, then for each OSCER staff member that was involved in the work:

    1. If the publication includes a substantial amount of text about the work that the OSCER staff member contributed to, and if the OSCER staff member did a substantial amount of development or optimization of software, and/or they contributed significantly to the writing of the publication, then that staff member should be included as a co-author on that publication, with author order to be negotiated among the authors.
      NOTE: This requirement can be waived for tenure track (but not yet tenured) faculty if the faculty member has a compelling tenure-related interest in, for example, producing single-author publications.
    2. If the conditions above don't apply, then the OSCER staff member should be acknowledged by name and job title in the Acknowledgements section of the paper.
      For example:
      OSCER Director Henry Neeman and OSCER Manager of Operations Brandon George provided valuable technical expertise.
      A list of OSCER personnel can be found here.



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