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Using MATLAB on OSCER Resources

Who May Use MATLAB on OSCER Resources?

Use of MATLAB on OSCER resources is limited to students, faculty and staff at OU's Norman campus, and students, faculty and staff at OU's Tulsa (Schusterman) campus who are in programs that are affiliated with OU's Norman campus, because of the structure of OU's MATLAB license.

Therefore, OSCER users who are at any of the following are FORBIDDEN to use MATLAB on OSCER resources: (a) at institutions other than OU; (b) at the OU Health Sciences Center (OUHSC); (c) at OU's Tulsa (Schusterman) campus in programs affiliated with OUHSC.

Using MATLAB Interactively is FORBIDDEN

You are FORBIDDEN to use MATLAB interactively by typing the matlab at the Unix command prompt.

Instead, ALL MATLAB runs MUST be performed via the batch scheduler.

Submitting MATLAB Batch Jobs by Logging in Directly

If you feel comfortable logging in to OSCER resources and submitting batch jobs, you can find example batch scripts for MATLAB jobs on Sooner at:
These files are filled with helpful comments that explain how to set up, submit and monitor MATLAB batch jobs. We strongly urge you to read the entire file.

Submitting MATLAB Jobs from Your PC

This PowerPoint presentation describes how to set up and launch MATLAB jobs on Sooner from your PC, without having to log in to Sooner directly.

MATLAB Components and Toolboxes Covered by OU's License

In addition, on Schooner you can use the Parallel Computing Toolbox.

Here is a presentation on MATLAB's Parallel Computing Toolbox.



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