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In this project, our current research in nanomaterials and nanotechnology is consolidated into a teaching curriculum aimed at graduate level and advanced seniors for the purpose of educating the next generation of upcoming young scientists-engineers in nanotechnology. Complex calculations are needed in making and defining nanomaterials. Thus we incorporate supercomputing as part of the curriculum. Our teaching is unique in that it combines high performance computing (parallelism, MPI), wet laboratory (nanofabrication), and molecular structure theories (statistical mechanics and molecular simulation).

CRCD: Integration of high performance computing in nanotechnology
Experiment No. Topics
1. Sol-Gel synthesis of aerogels.
2. SOL-GEL synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles and their encapsulation in SiO2 xerogel.
3. Mesoporous zeolite-type materials and nanowires.
4. Synthesis of silver nanowires via polymer templating in solution phase.
5. Nanostructured anodized aluminum.
6. Synthesis of Carbon nanotubes.
7. Gas Adsorption in nanostructured materials.