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Currently, OSCER hardware resources are housed in Stephenson Research & Technology Center on the OU Norman campus.

Cluster: Aspen Systems Linux Pentium4 Xeon DP

Cluster Hardware

Picture of interconnect logical layout:     JPEG   GIF   PNG
Item Description Quantity
Performance GFLOP/s 1080 theoretical peak
606.9 sustained (HPL)
Racks Standard 42U 11
Compute 135
Head (interactive logins) 2
Storage (NFS) 6
connected to FAStT500 disk server
Management (runs batch manager) 1
CPUs Pentium4 Xeon DP "Prestonia"
2.0 GHz 512KB L2 cache
2 per node
Supermicro/Intel 860
Compute nodes without SCSI controller
Non-compute nodes with SCSI controller
1 per node
Main Memory RDRAM 2 GB per node
Hard Disk
(EIDE except as noted)
Compute OS & local scratch:
1 x 40 GB each
5,400 GB total
Head OS:
2 x 36 GB SCSI (RAID1) each, 146 GB total
Storage OS: 2 x 36 GB SCSI (RAID1) each, 438 GB total
Global User Space (NSF):
1 x 6-bay RAID (RAID5 + 1 hot spare),
200 GB per drive, 800 GB usable space;
2 x 12-bay RAID (RAID5 + 1 hot spare),
200 GB per drive, 2,000 GB usable space each RAID, 4,000 GB usable space total;
Global Home (NSF): 1,298 GB
Global Scratch (NSF): 2,643 GB
Management OS: 2 x 36 GB SCSI (RAID1) each, 73 GB total
logging: 2 x 120 GB (240 GB total)
(OS, management, home, scratch)
11,200 GB
Interconnect Myrinet2000 (primary);
100 Mbps Ethernet (backup)
all nodes
Programming Model Message Passing  

Cluster Software

Operating System Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3.0
Message Passing MPICH
Scheduler OpenPBS/Maui Scheduler
Compilers Portland Group: Fortran90, HPF, C, C++
Intel: Fortran (77/90), C/C++
GNU: g77, gcc, g++
NAG: Fortran 95 (front end to gcc)
Numerical Libraries BLAS, LAPACK, scaLAPACK
Parallel Debugger TotalView
Code Analyzer LintPlus for C, Fortran Lint
Other software purchases to be announced

This resource and its availability are subject to change without notice (although notice will be given if at all possible).



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