Subject: Re: POSITIONS: Clemson U: Viz Analytics Rsrch Assoc, Vis Rsrch Sci
From: Henry Neeman 
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2014 15:27:25 -0500 (CDT)

The Visualization Research Scientist position is no longer
available. Apologies for the confusion.


On Sun, 6 Apr 2014, Henry Neeman wrote:

>OSCER users,
>Forwarding from Vetria Byrd ( of Clemson U.
>Please reply directly to Vetria, and please feel free to
>forward to anyone who may be interested and appropriate.
>(1) Research Associate in Visual Analytics
>(2) Visualization Research Scientist
>Job Title: Research Associate in Visual Analytics
>Type of Job: Postdoctoral
>The ideal candidate will work with collaborators in Clemson's
>Social Analytics Institute (SAI), Clemson Computing and
>Information Technology (CCIT), Advanced Visualization Division,
>and the Center of Excellence in Next Generation Computing Clemson
>University invites applications for the position of Postdoctoral
>Research Associate in Visual Analytics working in the Social
>Analytics Institute (SAI), Clemson Computing and Information
>Technology (CCIT), Advanced Visualization Division, and the Center
>of Excellence in Next Generation Computing in the area of visual
>The successful candidate will work with and directly interact with
>collaborators and data-set providers.
>This requires a familiarity with visualizing text (text analysis)
>and visualization techniques relevant to understanding data
>drawn from diverse sources such as social media, literature,
>historical documents or scientific research.
>The work of a visual analytics specialist will often build on the
>use of multiple software packages and data sources, so a strong
>interest in learning new visualization techniques and applications
>is necessary.
>This position requires a collaborative spirit and the ability to
>add value to the team.
>Work in a research and development environment focusing on
>interactive data visualization and visual analytics
>* Innovative thinking about interface methods, data visualization
>layouts, integrating visualization with automated analytics
>* Design, implement and evaluate visual analytics solutions in
>both standalone applications and web application modes
>* Work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams and participate
>in and contribute to the development of significant new concepts
>and novel approaches
>* PhD in a directly related field and 0 -2 years of relevant
>experience is required
>* Candidates must have a proven record of research and development
>accomplishments, excellent communication skills, and a strong
>desire to work in a team environment.
>* Research and development experience pertaining to interactive
>data visualization and visual analytics
>* Hands-on skills and experience with web application development
>technologies, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS
>* Hands-on skills and experience with client-side web-based
>visualization tools (experience with d3.js is preferred).
>* Excellent communication skills for conveying technical
>material to scientists and non-scientists in both written and oral
>* Self-disciplined work ethic and eagerness to tackle challenging
>research problems.
>Preferred Qualifications:
>* A working familiarity with D3.js, R, Gephi and python
>* Experience with text analysis and text mining
>Additional Information
>* Start date: Immediately
>* Duration: 2 years
>Interested send email to
>Job Posting Title
>Visualization Research Scientist
>Clemson Computing and Information Technology
>Job Purpose
>Clemson University is recruiting a Visualization Research
>The purpose of this position is to provide visualization solutions
>for a wide range of visualization data sets in a collaborative
>research environment and to develop personal research skills and
>experiences necessary to contribute to the Next Generation
>Computing in Visualization at Clemson.
>Position: Research Associate
>Job Tasks
>Collaboration (35%)
>Create and explore interface methods, data visualization layouts,
>integrate visualization with automated analytics, apply principles
>of visual perception to design; design, implement, and evaluate
>visual analytics solutions in both standalone application and web
>application modes; work collaboratively in multidisciplinary
>teams; interact directly with external collaborators and data-set
>providers, domain scientists in other departments and other
>Research (25%)
>The successful candidate will work in a research and development
>environment focusing on areas of visualization that include (but
>not limited to):
>interactive data visualization, visual analytics, information and
>scientific visualization; contribute to the development of
>significant new concepts and novel approaches; develop practical
>visualization solutions across a broad range of research interests
>including (but not limited to): biological sciences, social
>sciences/humanities, social media, emergency management, computer
>science, chemistry, bioinformatics, and engineering applications.
>Training (20%)
>Develop and conduct visualization training workshops; educate and
>inform visualization experts and users regarding domain science
>applications; support and train research faculty on state-of-the-
>art visualization tools; skills in verbal and multimedia
>communication including ability to prepare and conduct training,
>articulate and implement ideas well are required.
>Outreach (10%)
>Provide outreach to academic institutions in surrounding
>communities by working with faculty at partner institutions in
>South Carolina to expand the scientific visualization community;
>work with the Clemson Visual Computing programs to accomplish
>scientific visualization for research activities at Clemson and
>outreach campuses.
>Other (10%)
>Work with faculty, graduate students and staff assisting them in
>using Cyberinfrastructure to advance research education, including
>seeking out public/private funding opportunities to support long
>term activities of this nature.
>Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
>Knowledge of human visual perception and application of that
>knowledge in applied problem solving, hands-on skills and
>experience with standalone application development, web
>application development technologies, including JavaScript, HTML5,
>CSS, with client-side web-based visualization tools (experience
>with d3.js is preferred or a desire to learn).
>Excellent interpersonal skills, oral and written communication
>skills, organizational skills, and strong personal motivation are
>necessary as well as the demonstrated ability to work in a
>dynamic, team-oriented environment is required.
>Knowledge of a wide range of scientific programming and scripting
>languages; self-disciplined work ethic, eagerness to tackle
>challenging research problems and open to learning and
>implementing new technologies is required.
>Minimum Qualifications
>M.S. or PhD in Computer Science or directly related filed and
>0-2 years of relevant experience; established expertise in
>scientific visualization, interactive computer graphics, immersive
>technologies, computational geometry, and image processing is
>Experience with C/C++, OpenGL, scripting languages, MPI
>programming, high-performance I/O and data movement; a broad
>background of visualization software is desired; working knowledge
>related to three-dimensional computer graphics standards,
>modeling, simulation and open source software distributions,
>research and development experience pertaining to visualization,
>interactive data visualization, and visual analytics; knowledge of
>a wide range of scientific programming and scripting languages;
>strong interest in learning new programming, and visualization
>Preferred Qualifications
>Ph.D. in Computer Science or a directly related field and 2-5 years
>of relevant experience; a proven record of research and development
>accomplishments, excellent communication skills, a strong desire to
>work in a team environment; a working knowledge related to
>three-dimensional computer graphics standards, modeling, simulation
>and open source software distributions, research and development
>experience pertaining to visualization, interactive data
>visualization, and visual analytics; excellent interpersonal
>skills, oral and written communication skills, organizational
>skills, and strong personal motivation are necessary as well as
>the demonstrated ability to work in a dynamic, team-oriented
>environment is required.
>Self-disciplined work ethic, eagerness to tackle challenging
>research problems and open to learning and implementing new
>technologies is required.
>Salary depends on experience and qualifications and will be market
>competitive. Official title is Administrative Unclassified Research
>The position is a Time Limited Position (TLP).
>Contact Vetria L. Byrd, PhD
>Advanced Visualization Division, Executive Director
>Research Associate/Visualization Scientist
>Clemson Computing & Information Technology
>Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration
>Clemson University
>2097 Barre Hall
>120 McGinty Court
>Clemson, SC 29634 U.S.A.
>Voice: 864.656.5960