Subject: Blue Waters Student Internship Program 2014 seeks faculty mentors
From: Henry Neeman 
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 15:55:36 -0500 (CDT)
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Blue Waters Student Internship Program 2014
Applications due Friday March 28 2014
Contact: Patricia Jacobs (


The Blue Waters Student Internship Program is actively recruiting
faculty to mentor undergraduate students in high performance
computing projects!

The goal of the Blue Waters Student Internship Program is
designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students a unique
learning experience by immersing them in projects associated with
Blue Waters and/or XSEDE.

We are looking for faculty to mentor an undergraduate student in a
year-long internship that involves teaching or researching the use
of high-performance computing in studying problems in sciences,
engineering, and/or mathematics.

The internship will provide students with s $5000.00 stipend (for
undergraduate students only), a two-week intensive high
performance computing workshop, and travel to the Blue Waters
Symposium in 2015.

Interested faculty should submit a internship project description
by Friday March 28th 2014 at:

Important Dates:
* Submit intern position description by Friday March 28, 2014.
* Students will begin work on or around Monday June 9, 2014.
* Students will work full-time over the summer and as schedule
allow during the academic year.
* Students are expected to submit a paper or prepare a poster on
their project for presentation at the Blue Waters Symposium in

How to become a Faculty Mentor:

Faculty should submit a description of the project for the
internship position they would like to have a student work on
through the website:

Faculty can indicate if the position is intended for a particular
student applicant, or if the position is open to qualified

For more information, see the attached flyer, and visit:



Patricia Jacobs
Shodor, Associate Director
Blue Waters Student Internship Program Director
807 East Main Street, Suite 7-100, Durham, NC 27701
VOX: +1-919-530-1911
FAX: +1-919-530-1944