Subject: RESEARCH EXPERIENCE FOR UNDERGRADS: Clemson U Data Visualization
From: Henry Neeman 
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 22:19:11 -0600 (CST)
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In anticipation of funding, Clemson Computing and Information
Technology is recruiting undergraduates with in interest in

Research Experience for Undergrads (REU) in Collaborative Data
Visualization Applications
Clemson University
Mon June 2 – Fri July 25, 2014


Unique Feature:

The program identifies research collaborators with visualization
needs and assigns each student to a REU team.

Each REU Team consists of a research/science collaborator, a
visualization mentor and a visualization REU student.

This arrangement fosters collaboration among team members, an
appreciation of the visualization process and an understanding
of the role visualization plays in discovery and analysis.

Research areas of this site include: computer science, genetics
and biochemistry, geophysics, sociology, molecular modeling and
simulation, inorganic chemistry, social media, parks recreation
tourism management, biological sciences and digital humanities.

Students will participate in activities as a member of their
REU Team, their Research Lab, and their REU cohort thereby
creating a rich, multidisciplinary research experience that
will include enrichment lectures, excursions and social events.

Application review will begin in March.

Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.

For more information and to apply see:

Send questions to:

Dr. Vetria Byrd (

REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Collaborative Data
Visualization Applications