Subject: OSCER: correction regarding scratch purging
From: Brett Zimmerman 
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 10:22:42 -0600
OSCER users,

The previous message regarding the scratch purging was incorrect.    I said
we would be purging files older than
three weeks and they would be available for a week after being removed.
 That is wrong.  Files are candidates for removal after
*two weeks*.  Because of the time it takes for the purging software to run,
a file may not be removed immediately at two
weeks, but you should expect that files older than two weeks old may be
removed at any time.

*Files may be deleted from scratch at any time after two weeks

*Files that have been removed are available for recovery on request for one
week after they are removed

I apologize for any confusion.


Brett Zimmerman, RHCE
Sr. Systems Analyst
OU Supercomputing Center for Education and Research
University of Oklahoma