Subject: OSCER: Resuming purging of old scratch files
From: Brett Zimmerman 
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 08:20:12 -0600
OSCER Users,

Now that everyone has had an opportunity to settle back in from the holiday
break, we're going to be resuming
purging of old files in the scratch filesystems.

The process is unchanged; we'll be removing anything older than three weeks
and anything removed will be recoverable
on request for one week after it's removed.  It's important to bear in mind
that the one week recovery period only applies to
files that are removed by the purging process.  We do not do any backups of
the scratch filesystem, so if you delete or
overwrite a file on scratch it is impossible for us to recover.  Similarly,
if one of the scratch filesystems fails--and on a long
enough timeline this is guaranteed to happen--all of the data on it will be
lost.  It is essential that you backup any essential
data on scratch by copying them to your own storage or by arranging for
space on the petastore storage system.

We also have /data storage on Boomer for data sets that are used by
multiple groups, or /work storage for data needed by longer
running projects.  Space on either is available by request with approval
from Dr. Neeman.

For questions about arranging space on the petastore storage system or to
request longer lived storage on Boomer, please
send email to


Brett Zimmerman, RHCE
Sr. Systems Analyst
OU Supercomputing Center for Education and Research
University of Oklahoma