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How to get an account on OSCER Computers

  1. Eligibility: To be eligible for an account on OSCER computers, you MUST be on an education or research project that has, as one of its Principal or Co-Principal Investigators, a faculty or staff member at an Oklahoma institution.
  2. Send e-mail to hneeman@ou.edu requesting an account (copied to the Oklahoma faculty or staff member who is providing your eligibility).
  3. In the e-mail, please provide the following information:
    1. your name;
    2. your e-mail address;
    3. your preferred username (we may argue if it's silly):
      1. 3 to 8 characters long,
      2. lower case letters and digits only,
      3. first character a lower case letter,
      4. OU students, faculty and staff: we prefer to avoid using your OU4+4, because we don't use the OU4+4 user database for these accounts (we have a significant number of non-OU users, so we'd have to create many exception accounts for them);
    4. your preferred Unix shell (e.g., tcsh, bash — if you don't have a preference, we'll choose one for you);
    5. a group/project name, same rules as username;
    6. the name of your advisor, or of the Oklahoma faculty or staff member whose project you're on;
    7. the name you preferred to be called (for example, if your name is Elizabeth but you prefer to be called Liz);
    8. a four digit number to use as a code to authenticate that you are who you say you are;
    9. the phone number that you plan to contact us from to get your password.
  4. If your eligibility is approved, then an account request will be submitted for you, and you'll receive an e-mail when your account is created.
  5. Once you get your login and initial password, IMMEDIATELY change your password.



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