OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research

Supercomputing Symposium 2003

Wednesday September 24 -
Thursday September 25 2003
at the University of Oklahoma

Dr. Stephen Wheat
Principal Scientist
Intel High Performance Computing Program Office

Dr. Stephen Wheat is a Principal Scientist in Intel's HPC (High Performance Computing) Program Office. Dr. Wheat interacts with the HPC end user community to educate them on Intel architecture and participate with users in architecting complex computing solutions using standard Intel building blocks. Dr. Wheat also acts as an end user advocate on behalf of the HPC end user community to provide feedback into Intel's multiple business units responsible for strategies and product decisions.

Dr. Wheat has a wide breadth of experience that gives him a unique perspective in understanding large scale HPC deployments. Dr. Wheat was the Advanced Development manager for the Storage Components Division, the manager of the RAID Products Development group, the manager of the Workstation Products Group software and validation groups, and manager of the systems software group within the Supercomputing Systems Division (SSD). At SSD, he was one of four Product Line Architects and was the systems software architect for the ASCI Red system. Before joining Intel in 1995, Dr. Wheat worked at Sandia National Laboratories, performing leading research in distributed systems software. While at Sandia, he created and led the SUNMOS and PUMA programs. Dr. Wheat is a Gordon Bell prize winner and has been awarded Intel's prestigious Achievement Award. Dr. Wheat has a patent in Dynamic Load Balancing in HPC systems.

Dr. Wheat holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has several publications as papers and conference proceedings on the subjects of load balancing, inter-process communication, and parallel I/O in large-scale HPC systems. Outside of Intel, Dr. Wheat is a commercial multi-engine pilot and a certified flight instructor.

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