OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research

Supercomputing Symposium 2003

Wednesday September 24 -
Thursday September 25 2003
at the University of Oklahoma

Paul Gray
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science, University of Northern Iowa

Paul Gray

Dr. Paul Gray is a Professor in the Unversity of Northern Iowa Department of Computer Science. He completed his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Michigan State University in 1996. His research pursuits have focused on environmental aspects of parallel computing, including high-performance networks, parallel tools development, and the suitability of specific programming languages for High Performance Computing. During his tenure at the University of Northern Iowa, Dr. Gray has focused his attention on pedagogical issues surrounding High Performance Computing in the computer science curricula of primarilly- undergrauduate institutions. The "Bootable Cluster CD" (BCCD) is one of Dr. Gray's projects related to the Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium. The BCCD (bccd.cs.uni.edu) was developed by Dr. Gray to address the critical need for a drop-in environment for distributed computing education.

Talk Abstract
Modeling as an Interactive Learning Environment

At the Shodor Education Foundation, Inc. we are trying to change math, science, and technology pedagogy to ensure the proper education of future professionals in the area of computation. Offering educational materials, faculty development opportunities, and student enrichment opportunities, Shodor's approach is the integration of inquiry-based computational experiences into traditional math and science courses. Central to our goals is that computing experiences in the classroom should be appropriate and authentic, allowing students to approach complex questions in a way that complements and extends traditional experiment and observation.

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