OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research

Supercomputing Symposium 2003

Wednesday September 24 -
Thursday September 25 2003
at the University of Oklahoma

Maria Marta Ferreyra
Assistant Professor of Economics
Graduate School of Industrial Administration
Carnegie Mellon University

Maria Marta Ferreyra

Maria Marta Ferreyra is an assistant professor of Economics at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration at Carnegie Mellon University, where she has taught since the Fall of 2002. Her research focuses on Economics of Education and Urban Economics. Currently she is investigating the effects of school reform initiatives such as private school vouchers. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2002, where, as part of her dissertation, she pioneered the use of the Condor high throughput computing system for large scale parameter space searches in economics research.

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