Read Feynman Lecture 1959 (Class handout) and answer the following questions. Due June 14 (Tuesday), 2005 1. In Feynman's view, nanotechnology is (a) fundamental physics, or (b) technical applications? 2. What does he want to write on the head of a pin? What is his estimate of the size of the head of the pin? roughly speaking. (This in modern terms is nanolithography). 3. What is his "eye resolution"? What size can an eye read? 4. What is the size of a letter if reduced 25,000 times? 5. How do we read back the nanowriting, once written? 6. Which library is supposedly burned down? 7. What does he mean by a "bit" of information? Does it have anything to do with the information theory "bit"? 8. How can info be lost? 9. How big a cube it has to be to contain all the book information of the world? 10. What is the resolution of electron microscopes then? 11. What question he asked the biologists? 12. What does he see between biology and NEMS (nanoelectro-mechanical systems)? 13. what does he say about computers, do they benefit from miniaturization? 14. How does he go about miniaturizing computers? How small deos he get to do it? 15. What did Albert R. Hibbs envision about small NEMS? 16. Using remote control, he proposes the master-slave manufacture. How far can this go? What kind of nanomanufacture is this procedure called? 17. How does he arrange atoms? To arrange atoms, you must do what? What is the branch of science called, arranging atoms? (Bottom-up approach). ---------------------------------------------------------------------